Bank of England

💸 The Bank of England’s announcement yesterday was monumental for individuals and businesses across the UK 💸.

With the stark admission that the UK may be heading towards a recession, this will no doubt be playing on the minds of businesses, irrespective of the sector and size with both, improving efficiency and saving costs will now be at the forefront of agenda for many and what they can do to protect their businesses, and support their employees.

Don’t leave it to late to analyse your business, the best course is to take action NOW, rather than react of what may await you and your business later down the line 😰.

Taking certain decisions can be both daunting and challenging for businesses, especially those that require consultation, so it can be beneficial to get some expert HR advice and guidance around such as:

◆ Alternatives to redundancy (i.e. job redeployment)
◆ Temporarily laying off employees (potentially)
◆ Managing staff redundancies (last resort)
◆ Performance Management
◆ Wellbeing and other types of support for employees

This relives some of the pressure and stress knowing that you have sound HR support and guidance at hand at all times.

Reshape HR is here to assist. We work with a variety of clients based across the UK, so if you are looking for HR or Payroll support or simply looking to run something past us, please do get in touch with us via:

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Just as with Covid-19 pandemic, lets work together to get through these difficult times.