Payroll can be both complex and time consuming

Payroll processing is a key component of managing your business. Overseeing it can become increasingly more difficult due to the growth of your business as well as the ever-changing regulations and reference periods.

The outsourcing of payroll services for SMEs makes tangible sense as it provides a simple and cost-effective solution without straining valuable in-house resources, including the time spent training an employee in correct and effective payroll management.

What are Outsourced Payroll Services?

The payroll outsourcing process involves our in-house payroll team managing your payroll on your behalf. As a result, you can be confident that all your employees will be paid accurately, in a timely manner, and in compliance with all regulations.

Generally, our clients choose our payroll services in order to reduce costs and minimise the time and effort required to handle the financial aspects of their payroll functions.

Do I need Payroll Services for my business?

A Payroll function encompasses a broad range of activities, from determining employees’ wages and updating tax codes, adjusting allowances to updating annual leave, sick, and other benefit payments and deducting employee contributions for benefits such as pensions.

In such a complex area as payroll, it is not uncommon for SMEs to use a third-party company, such as ourselves here at Reshape HR.

payroll services desk and chair

Why should I Outsource my Payroll?

The reality is that Payroll can be a headache for even the most meticulous of professionals, and there is no denying that. However, it is also a key area of your business that must be handled properly. Nevertheless, one wrong move from a business could result in fines and penalties from HMRC, which could have been otherwise avoided.

For this reason, many businesses choose Reshape HR for their payroll needs, and often they find that outsourcing their payroll is the most cost-effective option. By outsourcing your payroll to Reshape HR, you can focus solely on your business, knowing that all payroll related admin and tasks are being cared for by us.

Why should I choose Reshape HR for my Payroll Services?

Tailored service

Our main objective is to provide the highest quality of payroll services possible to our clients and we accomplish this by adding value to everything  that we do. You can be assured that our services will be tailored to the needs of of your business.

Save time and money

With our team of qualified, experienced payroll professionals, we provide a comprehensive and efficient service that is delivered with a personal touch that makes you feel like we are part of the team


With years of experience and expertise in the payroll market, our team at Reshape HR will work closely with you to provide a service that is a perfect fit for your business, ensuring that all of your aims and objectives and having the greatest impact on your employees and your business.

What is included?

Through our weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payroll services, all of your worries and uncertainty can finally be put to rest by complying with regulations (such as GDPR), sending FPS/RTI to HMRC on time and being prepared for any future changes in legislation.

Our payroll services retainer includes:

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Payroll runs include production and sending of e-payslips to employees
  • Holidays and Sickness tracking
  • Employees can email us directly for any Payroll related queries
  • Reviewing of all statutory entitlement eligibility, such as SSP, SMP & SPP
  • Pensions – Do you have a pension scheme? Do you know how to work out employee eligibility criteria? Let us assist you with your pensions
  • Discounts on our HR offerings