“Dry January” is the UK’s one-month alcohol-free challenge. The idea behind this is to not simply give anything up but more about getting something back.
The annual event is led by the charity: Alcohol Change UK.

So why take a month off?

The benefits of going dry for the whole month of January can bring huge benefits to you. Subtle things you will start to notice immediately:

  1. Skin getting brighter
  2. Your nights sleepier
  3. Your mind calmer
  4. Lower blood pressure

A study conducted by University of Sussex shows that people who took part in Dry January after six months started to vary their alcohol intake and had boosted levels of wellbeing and mindfulness. Individuals started to recognise that you necessarily do not need to have alcohol to have fun, relax or socialise.

Steps for Success:

  1. Find a substitute non-alcoholic drink – start to analyse your beverages intake and perhaps looking at replacing cocktails with mocktails.
  2. Avoiding temptations – at parties bring your own non-alcoholic beverages such as non-alcoholic wine, beer and champagne
  3. Create/Join a support group – remember that you are not alone in this, create a support group consisting of friends or family members taking part in Dry January too or have a look online at local support groups.

If you are struggling:

If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s drinking: